Review: Discover Your Dharma by Sahara Rose Ketabi

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Review: Discover Your Dharma by Sahara Rose KetabiDiscover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose by Sahara Rose Ketabi
Published by Chronicle Prism on January 5, 2021
Genres: Adult Nonfiction
Format: Hardcover (272 pages)
Source: Library
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It is no coincidence you have found this book. Your soul is calling you to step fully into your purpose, your truth, the reason why you are here: your dharma. This lifetime is about figuring out what your dharma is. When you say yes to your higher calling, everything you've been seeking naturally manifests. This book will guide you through the journey and lead you to a life of happiness, abundance, joyful service, and fulfillment.

In Discover Your Dharma, bestselling Ayurvedic author and Highest Self Podcast host Sahara Rose shares her unique approach to discovering your dharma through the Doshas (the Ayurvedic mind-body types) and the chakras (energy centers of the body). Take the "What's Your Dharma Archetype?" quiz and use your Dharma Blueprint to unlock the code of what you're meant to do next, in your relationships, business, and every facet of your life. Modernizing ancient Vedic wisdom, Sahara Rose shares how to remember your true essence, illuminate your path, and embrace your highest self.

In her signature style, she offers personal stories and reflections on dharma discovery and embodiment. Discovering your dharma is the most important work you can do. This is the perfect introduction to living in alignment for all spiritual seekers and anyone looking to become more self-aware.


Proceed With Caution:

This book contains discussions of trauma, health crises, and suicide.

The Basics:

Discover Your Dharma uses doshas from Ayurveda to help you find what your life’s purpose is. Sahara Rose is an excellent and relatable teacher and the way she presents this information is as if you’re talking to a friend. A spiritually enlightened friend who wants to help you on your journey. Her writing is just like how she talks. It’s open, honest, and not stuffy or “woowoo” at all. Even if you don’t know anything about Ayurveda and the doshas, she tells you everything you need to know to start living your dharma.

My Thoughts:

I’m a huge fan of Sahara Rose. I’ve read and loved her previous two books and I’m a loyal listener of her Highest Self Podcast. Discover Your Dharma was probably my #1 most anticipated new release of 2021 and it’s definitely going on my list of favorites. I love Sahara’s approach to teaching about the doshas and dharma, two topics I was already familiar and comfortable with thanks to her.

Discover Your Dharma breaks everything you need to know about finding your purpose and then living it down. No matter where you are on this journey, there’s a place for you to start and find exactly what you need to continue. This book isn’t just a dump of information. It’s also an interactive workbook. Sahara asks you questions which require some deep reflection. There’s also quizzes! I love personality quizzes! The big one here is the Dharma Archetype quiz which tells you what category your dharma may be in.

The Researcher would rather be left alone with their books. (page 153)

Researcher was a 100% match for me and I was not surprised. But as I kept reading about this archetype, I was actually spooked at how well Sahara nailed me. It’s eerie. My close followers were Teacher, Visionary, and Entrepreneur, and after reading their accompanying sections, I totally agree. I felt such relief to know I’m on the right path and that I’m not crazy. I have a purpose and I just have to keep doing what I’m doing and the universe will nudge me in the right direction.

Discover Your Dharma spoke straight to my soul. I knew I was going to love it going in, but I didn’t expect just how much I was going to get out of it. There are chapters I’m going to need to revisit (again and again) to really absorb them, but upon finishing I had this renewed sense of excitement about the world.

Quotes from Discover Your Dharma:

We are all here to elevate the vibration of this planet we call home. (page 2)

Living your purpose is the ultimate form of self-love. (page 3.)

You don’t have to do anything to become unique–it’s an inherent part of your nature. (page 21)

You aren’t meant to be liked. You’re meant to be weird. (page 22)

No one should have to live a life where they are not in control of the decisions they make. (page 27)

We don’t buy a comfortable mattress to stay in bed forever, right? (page 111)

The universe did not design you to be well-rounded like your school’s college counselor may have told you; it designed you to be you. (page 124)

Asking other for advice without listening to yourself is giving up your power to someone else who isn’t you. (page 204)

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  1. Sophia Rose

    I’ve bumped up against the concepts in the book in my reading and beginning yoga so I’m glad to learn about her books and podcast. So glad it resonated so well with you after highly anticipating it.

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