Review: Conning for Keeps (Agents of TRAIT, #2) by Seleste deLaney

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Review: Conning for Keeps (Agents of TRAIT, #2) by Seleste deLaneyConning for Keeps (Agents of TRAIT, #2) by Seleste deLaney
Published by Entangled: Ignite on February 3, 2014
Genres: Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Format: eBook (128 pages)
Source: NetGalley
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Lovers undercover…

Secret Agent Marissa Jones has a gift. A con artist to the core, after deep hypnosis she can turn into someone else entirely. Marisa’s gift has gotten her into hot water over the years, but now more so than ever. With her smoking hot partner by her side, she needs to convince him that not only is she her true self, but also that she can be trusted—even in spite of her past.
…or traitors to the cause?

Trevor Harris has his own issues with the mission, he’s got revenge to seek, a cursed painting to secure, and Marissa’s sugary-sweet alter-ego to ignore. But when he releases Marisa from her mental cage and things get a little too hot, he ends up finding out what falling for a con artist really means—bigger trouble than ever before.


Proceed With Caution:

This book contains violence, death, and blood.

The Basics:

Conning for Keeps is the second book in the series, but it stands alone. There’s only a brief mention of Cal and Pen from the previous book, but no spoilers. This is an interracial romance between Marissa and Trevor, coworkers at that super secret branch of the FBI.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed Conning for Keeps at the beginning! It’s a mash-up of all things that I adore: interracial romance, feisty ladies, fake engagement, and curses! Okay, so that last one was unexpected, weird, and not really developed, but I give the author props for trying. Marissa and Trevor are tasked with bringing in this long-lost painting that’s believed to have the ability to kill people, and is currently in the possession of a feared mafia don. The two go undercover as an engaged couple, as said mafia don is paying for his son and a bunch of other couples to get married. Yep, there is a lot going on here!

Conning for Keeps honestly did some things that I had never read before. First of all, this wasn’t just a straight forward fake engagement between two secret agents. Marissa is actually put under hypnosis so that she doesn’t slip out of character! What in the world?! I’m sure you can imagine what kind of drama that can cause for a budding romance. Being a novella, it doesn’t really “go there” but it was fun while it lasted.

There really isn’t much to say about Conning for Keeps without giving anything away. It’s a very short and quick read at just over a hundred pages. I loved how Marissa was a professional con artist and handled the mission using her unconventional skills. While there are a lot of unique elements here, I’m not sure that they worked all that well together. However, it did leave me wanting to read a novel about an actually cursed, killer painting…

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4 responses to “Review: Conning for Keeps (Agents of TRAIT, #2) by Seleste deLaney

  1. Sophia Rose

    A killer painting and a hypnotized fake mates? Curious now. It does sound like a longer length would tease more out of it, but at least it wasn’t boring. 🙂

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