Review: Callie’s Catastrophe (Icehome, #9) by Ruby Dixon

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Review: Callie’s Catastrophe (Icehome, #9) by Ruby DixonCallie's Catastrophe (Icehome #9) by Ruby Dixon
Published by Self Published on October 31, 2019
Genres: Adult Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction
Format: eBook (267 pages)
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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What’s a bigger disaster than being stranded on an ice planet with a bunch of aliens, never to return home? Resonating to the biggest jerk of all those aliens, of course. I hate M’tok, and it seems to be mutual. He thinks I’m ugly and unpleasant, and doesn’t understand why I don’t just fling myself at him. In his eyes, resonance has decided, and that’s that.

Problem is, resonance keeps pushing us together. And when that doesn’t make me jump into his furs…he steals me away from the camp. I can’t avoid him if there’s nowhere to go.

I want to hate him even more for that. But I keep finding out that M’tok isn’t who I thought he was. And the man I hate? Doesn’t hate me at all…


Proceed With Caution:

This book contains depression, drugged kidnapping, emotional manipulation, and discussions of rape.

The Basics:

Callie’s Catastrophe takes us way back to when Lauren, Marisol, and the islanders first come to the beach. This is when M’tok first sees Callie and they immediately resonate. We finally find out why she hates him so much and refused to fulfill resonance for so long.

My Thoughts:

Callie’s Catastrophe will likely be my least favorite of the series and it has me wary for the next book since the setups are the same. M’tok is sick of Callie running from him and refusing to even speak to him. He overhears Vaza telling the story of Raahosh kidnapping Liz, so of course he gets it into his head that he must kidnap Callie to force her to give in. That’s totally fine. It’s happened plenty of times before. Except, there’s no way he can trick Callie out of the village, so he drugs her tea. Along with Penny’s so his brother can take her away as well.

Um, I’m sure we see the problem here. He drugged her and forcibly removed her from the safety of the village without her consent and very much against her will. Yes, he had good intentions and immediately realizes that this is wrong, but that doesn’t excuse it. From there he continues to manipulate the situation. He agrees to take Callie back to the village, but takes her the wrong way and pretends to be lost. Then he puts his life in danger to make her have a response to him. It’s all very icky.

Callie’s Catastrophe does end with Callie getting her “revenge” but also not really. M’tok had told her that she can drug him to get him back, which doesn’t make what he did any better. Especially since he knows it’s coming and all it does it make him sleep and wake up to sex. Like…no. I’m nervous for Penny’s Protector even though I’ve been eager for S’bren’s book. The drugged tea wasn’t his idea. I honestly don’t think he’s even smart enough to come up with something like that, but he did go along with it. I just hope he doesn’t display any more gross behaviors like his brother.

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