Review: Barbarian’s Mate (Ice Planet Barbarians, #6) by Ruby Dixon

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Review: Barbarian’s Mate (Ice Planet Barbarians, #6) by Ruby DixonBarbarian's Mate (Ice Planet Barbarians, ) by Ruby Dixon
Published by Self Published on March 25, 2016
Genres: Adult Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction
Format: eBook (250 pages)
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'Resonance' is supposed to be a dream - that's when your soulmate is chosen for you. And everyone on the ice planet has hooked up with a big, hunky soulmate of their own... except me. So do I want a mate? Heck yeah. More than anything, all I've ever wanted is to be loved by someone.

Except that the soulmate chosen for me? My least favorite person on the darn ice planet. Haeden's the most cranky, disapproving, unpleasant, overbearing male alien... so why is it that my body sings when he gets close? Why is he working so hard to prove to me that he's not as awful as I think he is?

I hate him... don't I?


Proceed With Caution:

This book contains mentions of rape and child abuse.

The Basics:

This is the sixth book of the Ice Planet Barbarians series and follows Josie and Haeden on their journey to happily ever after. Plot points from the previous books are carried over and continued here.

My Thoughts:

Barbarian’s Mate is a kind of hate-to-love romance! Josie was desperate to resonate, and she got her wish. Too bad, she got the wrong guy! Haeden has been grumpy toward her since the women arrived, and Josie tries to avoid him. But he’s everywhere! Then they resonate for each other and neither is thrilled. Josie because she wants a baby, but doesn’t want to bring one into an unloving relationship. Haeden because he’s lost a mate before and is worried that Josie will find the same fate. Clearly, these two need to communicate.

Thankfully, Barbarian’s Mate is all about the communication! Josie comes up with a plan to un-mate herself from Haeden, but it doesn’t work out. Plan B also takes an unexpected turn, and she has no choice but to confide her fears and give into her khui! These two spend a ton of alone time together and really get to know each other, both in and out of the furs.

Meanwhile, there’s a surprise! I knew it had to come eventually, because math. I just wasn’t expecting it this soon! I’m sure you can guess that that is, but it was still an interesting way to end this installment.

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