Review: All Things Burn by Jodie Slaughter

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Review: All Things Burn by Jodie SlaughterAll Things Burn by Jodie Slaughter
Published by ZachEvans Creative on May 15, 2019
Genres: Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Format: eBook (280 pages)
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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A woman forced to take dark, desperate measures for the sake of her safety seeks out a man who deals exclusively in doling out death sentences. What sparks between them is just as unavoidable as it is life-changing.

Halle Temple is a good person; she doesn’t know anything as surely as she knows that. A successful black woman who uses her expensive law degree to work full-time at a women’s legal aid center, she has no doubt that her entire existence is being spent in the service of others. That perfectly normal life takes a deadly turn, however, when she crosses paths with a man who is willing to go to extreme measures to take possession of her.

After he sets his threats on her family, Halle begins to question every moral she has ever held dear as she realizes that there is only one way to get him out of her life for good. To do that, though, she needs a bit of help.

Callum Byrne is an Irish-American hitman who has made a life out of robbing others of their own. Darkness has always lurked inside of him and he has no qualms about setting it free - especially for profit. Halle enters his life suddenly, bringing with her an intensity that he has never felt before. It isn’t long before Callum’s narrow view of himself is twisted and challenged.

As the job she’s given him becomes more complicated by the do Callum’s feelings for her.

Content Warning: this book contains themes of violence and murder as well as mentions of domestic violence.


All Things Burn was a quick, sexy bit of afternoon delight! Halle is being stalked by her college boyfriend. As a lawyer for women suffering domestic abuse, she’s all too familiar with how this can end for her. So she takes matters into her own hands by hiring a hit man. Callum is great at his job, but this becomes more than just a job to him. He is instantly attracted to Halle and must protect her at all costs, even if that means going off script a bit to keep her close.

All Things Burn gets straight to the point, since it is pretty short given the limited time frame (the characters repeatedly mention that it’s been “weeks,” while technically true, the reality is that it’s been two weeks). Halle hires Callum and their first meeting is full of insta-lust which carries over to their first phone call. From there, these two cannot keep their hands and lips off of each other! By time the hit comes around, these two are practically living together! Their relationship is surprisingly normal, with no random fight or extraneous drama. Just good sex and conversation.

My only real complaint about All Things Burn is that the stalker plot was very much in the background. It was essentially just used as the way Halle and Callum meet. Joshua had been sending Halle all kinds of “romantic” gifts, as well as some threatening letters. And he even tried to cozy up to her mother at the grocery store! However, after Halle hires her hit man, Joshua disappears. If he was keeping that close of an eye on her, why didn’t he notice Callum constantly coming and going from her apartment? I wanted more stalkery goodness! I needed more “If I can’t have you, no one can!” At least that piece of crap gets what’s coming to him.

I did really enjoy All Things Burn. I just wish there had been more at stake! I was never on the edge of my seat, wondering if Joshua was going to get Halle this time, or go after Callum. I loved how Halle refused to just roll over and take Joshua’s abuse though. She does a complete 180 from the woman we met in the prologue. Of course, there’s a happy ending. It was surprisingly sweet and domestic, but I found it believable for these two.

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