Review: Adiron (Corsair Brothers, #1) by Ruby Dixon

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Review: Adiron (Corsair Brothers, #1) by Ruby DixonAdiron (Corsair Brothers #1) by Ruby Dixon
Published by Self Published on December 26, 2020
Genres: Adult Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction
Format: eBook (426 pages)
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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It’s not easy being a space pirate…

Actually, wait.

Yes it is. It’s keffing awesome.

The three va Sithai brothers — that’s us — cruise the universe looking for abandoned ships, treasure, and other pirate ships to rob. Right now, we’re on the hunt for the Buoyant Star, an abandoned cruiser rumored to have a massive treasure inside. The ship’s been found at the edge of an ice field at the far reaches of space.

That treasure? About to be all ours.

But the ship's not all that abandoned. The Star is crewed by a few lonely, attractive human females who are thoroughly grateful at being rescued…

Actually, wait.

They’re not grateful at all.

They’ve set us a trap, and their leader, a beautiful human female named Jade, gives me a smile just before she captures me.

It’s official. I’m in love.


Proceed With Caution:

This book contains violence, mentions of abduction and sex trafficking.

The Basics:

Adiron is the first book of another spin-off series, following Corsairs and Risdaverse. It can stand alone, but there’s lots of references to characters and events that took place in those two series. I’d highly recommend reading them anyway.

My Thoughts:

Adiron is the start to what is probably the space pirate alien romance series of my dreams! While I enjoyed the other Corsairs series, the was very little space pirating happening. Now, we get Zoey’s brothers as they search for space treasure in the form of a missing ship that no one has seen in years. Of course, they find the ship, just not in the way they intended, and the cargo is certainly not what they expected. Adiron couldn’t be happier though, since the Bouyant Star is home to his mate. At least she will be after he turns up the charm.

Adiron starts with space pirating gone wrong. Adiron and his brothers are on their way to the Bouyant Star, but they’re intercepted. Luckily their captor is also heading for the lost ship, so they team up. Like I said, they don’t except to find the ship loaded with humans! Silks, credits, weapons, anything else! Nope, there’s three human women and a quar’aki female, and a cargo hold full of stasis pods. Adiron isn’t even phased though because it’s love at first sight for him when he lays eyes on Jade. Even as she’s gassing him to save her crew.

This book was just so much fun! Everything that can go wrong does go wrong! Adiron tells us that he’s the dumb brother, but he’s actually quite clever and resourceful when needed. He manages to keep himself and Jade alive on a decrepit ship, get the serious human to fall in love with him, and saves the day! Kind of. There is a happy ending here, but the plot points are far from being neatly tied up. Why was the Bouyant Star abandoned along with its very valuable cargo? Where are Adiron’s brothers? What exciting adventure is up next?!

I cannot wait for more books in these series. The characters have all been introduced and are unique and interesting and I want their stories now! I also want to see what other trouble Zoey’s brothers can get themselves into (and out of) in the far reaches of space.

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