Review: A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor by Kathryn Moon

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Review: A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor by Kathryn MoonA Lady of Rooksgrave Manor by Kathryn Moon
Published by Self Published on March 23, 2021
Genres: Adult Fiction, Erotica, Historical, Paranormal
Format: eBook (376 pages)
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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On the brink of losing her position as a maid and with no prospects to go on, the offer of a place at Rooksgrave Manor—a house of ill and unusual repute—sounds like a perfect fit for a young woman with Esther’s inclinations. Even better, the invitation comes by the hand of the handsome Dr. Underwood, a delicate gentleman with a ferocious alter ego who knows exactly what he wants from Esther.

Upon arrival the men and the daily decadence of the manor feel too good to be true for a girl of Esther’s station. There are rules to be followed, expectations to meet, and Esther is afraid she might be too wicked even for a place like Rooksgrave.

Temptations lurk around every shadowy corner and Esther has never been a girl able to resist. But the risk of disappointing her new gentlemen isn’t all that’s threatening Esther’s new position. Rooksgrave Manor’s protections for its unusual patrons are failing, the wards are crumbling, and Esther’s new and exquisitely pleasurable life may all come tumbling down.


Proceed With Caution:

This book contains blood, a near drowning, and a mention of rape.

The Basics:

A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor is narrated by Esther Reed, a young maid who has just lost her job. Fortunately, her employer’s doctor thinks she’ll be a good fit for a unique position. Esther is essentially a nymphomaniac and is not shy about her insatiable needs, which does make her the perfect person to work at a brothel for unusual men.

This is a Historical Paranormal Erotica with a reverse harem and plenty of sex variety.

My Thoughts:

I picked up A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor on a whim, and I am so glad that I did! I loved it from the opening scene! When we meet Esther, she’s listening at her mistress’s door during an appointment with Dr. Underwood. She hears a strange buzzing and some moans, and knows exactly what must be going on. She can’t help herself, so she runs off to find release from the closest man! Great introduction and sets the tone for the rest of the story!

A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor is primarily set at Rooksgrave Manor, where Esther finds herself newly employed and eager to work. The patrons of the manor are not human men. There are vampires, demons, shapeshifters, men with scales, men with horns, men who can’t be seen! So many men for Esther to have fun with! She winds up with five lovers and it was fun watching all of the different relationship dynamics.

Esther has a vampire, a sphinx, a golem, an invisible thief, and a Jekyll/Hyde. She loves them, they love her, and they all make this arrangement work. A couple of the men are even lovers! Variety is the spice of life and with this group Esther is sure to live forever! I just loved how each man gave her something else that she needed or wanted, and they were all willing to work together to keep her happy, safe, and satisfied.

A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor isn’t all sex. There is a minor plot that’s mostly in the background. The manor is protected by magic, but the wards seem to be failing. Creatures that shouldn’t be able to get in are slipping through the cracks. Of course, Esther has become the center of the problem and her men have to save her. It was fun though. It kind of lost me toward the end a bit, since it was over pretty quickly once the plot resurfaced. I honestly could have done without it.

In the end, I really enjoyed A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor. It was a very pleasant surprise!

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