Pride Picks: The Unreviewed Books of June 2021

Posted July 1, 2021 by Angie in Monthly Recap / 0 Comments

I read 29 books in June and will have reviews or series posts for all but 5 of them. So, as always, here are some quick thoughts on the books that I won’t be posting about later.

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A couple of M/M Romances, which I enjoyed. Both had a bit of suspense, but nothing that really stood out to me to discuss further.

And a few of F/F Romances! I really enjoyed Hugs & Quiches; it reminded me of my days spent addicted to cooking competition shows! Just My Type was a fun vampire Romance; not at all what I was expecting! As for Tryst Six Venom….just no. Not my jam. I might be “over” this author.

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