Movies vs. TV + My Favorite Blog Posts!

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Welcome to my first ever Tell Me Something Tuesday (hosted by Because Reading)! I just wanted something to fill in on the weeks I wasn’t doing the Top Ten Tuesday. So, if you couldn’t tell by the post title, I’m actually doing two weeks of TMST questions, since I didn’t post last week.

Do you prefer movies or TV series?

I feel like this should have an easy answer, but it’s not something I’ve actually thought about much. When I’m in the mood to watch something (other than Youtube) it’s almost equally likely that I’ll choose a movie or a series. I love how movies give you a full story in 2ish hours, but I also love being immersed in something for a longer period. I guess it just depends on the time I feel like devoting when the mood strikes.

Unlike with books, where I easily prefer series over standalones, because I like staying in a world for longer than 350 pages.

What is/are your favorite post(s) from your blog?

This one is hard, because I don’t feel like my posts are anything special! I know I should be proud of my posts, because I wrote them, and I’m putting myself out there. But….I don’t know. The one post that immediately does come to mind is my review of Little Nightmares, because that is the post that I just felt compelled to write and got me into reviewing video games.

I remember in high school being assigned to write 1,000 words on whatever and it being a HUGE deal and took four hundred years to get 767 words, then several more hours to pad it up. But for this post I wrote 2,500 in one sitting.

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