Mini Review: Sam’s Secret (Icehome, #15) by Ruby Dixon

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Mini Review: Sam’s Secret (Icehome, #15) by Ruby DixonSam's Secret (Icehome #15) by Ruby Dixon
Published by Self Published on September 10, 2021
Genres: Adult Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction
Format: eBook (260 pages)
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Life has taught me that I can't trust anyone. Not friends, not family. In the worst, darkest moments, no one can be counted on to have your back. Even a billion miles away from Earth, on a remote icy planet, I still feel alone. The only consolation? I haven't resonated. It's not that I don't want love or children. I just can't trust anyone, even myself.

But then one day, my khui resonates, and it's to the last guy I ever expected. In fact, I resonate so hard that my chest is singing its mating song before his does. That never happens.

So what does a calm, rational, grown woman do when life turns upside down?
She runs for the hills, of course.

I should have known he'd follow me.


We finally get to know why Sam was so happy to be stranded on an alien planet! Sam’s Secret actually takes us waaay back to when Sam was still on Earth. I’m pretty sure this was a first for the series, which was interesting. Her home life was not good. This book deals heavily with stalking, domestic abuse, and PTSD, so be warned. I don’t blame Sam for being ecstatic about being out of that situation! However, it doesn’t last as she realizes that anyone could be dropped off on the planet, and what if it’s him…

Of course, Sam’s Secret is ultimately a romance. After revisiting Sam’s first day on the ice planet, it jumps ahead four years, which is about three years after the rest of the series. Sam is perfectly fine to not resonate, but then it happens. With Sessah! Last time we saw him, he was just a gangling teenager, but now he is all man! I love seeing grown-up Sessah. He is hot and sweet and wonderful, but Sam is hesitant to be someone’s mate. But they’re forced together as he escorts her to the fruit cave so she won’t be alone. Good thing too, because something unexpected happens…

I enjoyed Sam’s Secret, but it wasn’t a favorite. The non-romance plotline felt too forced and perfectly tailored to Sam’s situation. She and Sessah had enough to work through without that added on. I am interested in how these unexpected events could affect the tribes, but it just didn’t feel right to me having it here. The ending did get me excited for the possible next book: Daisy’s! Oh dang, that is going to be emotional and good.

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