Mini Review: Everyday Wicca by Gerina Dunwich

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Mini Review: Everyday Wicca by Gerina DunwichEveryday Wicca: Magickal Spells Throughout the Year by Gerina Dunwich
Published by Citadel on November 27, 2018
Genres: Adult Nonfiction
Format: eBook (157 pages)
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Written by Wiccan expert Gerina Dunwich, Everyday Wicca is both an essential gateway for anyone seeking to add magick to their life and a thorough examination of magickal living for longtime practitioners of the pagan arts. A fascinating study of spellcasting and a thoughtful survey of the Wiccan calendar, this insightful work will guide the modern witch through everyday rituals, spells, and Sabbats celebrated during the Wiccan Wheel of the Year. A handy glossary and an invaluable resource section are also included for both the solitary witch as well as those in a coven.


I recently became interested in Witchcraft. Well, I’ve gone through waves of being curious, but it wasn’t until now I decided to do an actual deep dive. I liked the sound of Everyday Wicca as a way to learn about all of the important days and times of year. I knew about Samhain, of course, and the equinoxes and solstices. Of course, I know the phases of the moon, but not their meaning and significance. This book reveals all of that and more. I never realized how many holidays were observed by witches, or that there are even certain spells, incense, and colors for the days of the week!

However, I don’t think Everyday Wicca is totally beginner friendly despite what the description says. Yes, I was happy to learn the importance of certain days, seasons, phases, and even colors. But this book does lean heavily on spells and rituals. I’m not that far along my journey, so I felt quite overwhelmed at seeing pages long incantations and step-by-step guides. I was just hoping for an overview and explanation. The glossary at the end was more of what I was expecting, as that definitely cleared up confusion about witchy terms I had heard before but wasn’t exactly sure what they meant.

Everyday Wicca is a book I’ll return to in the future, if I do decide to continue down this path. But at this point, it was too detailed for me.

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