Mini Review: Daisy’s Decision (Icehome, #15) by Ruby Dixon

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Mini Review: Daisy’s Decision (Icehome, #15) by Ruby DixonDaisy's Decision (Icehome #15) by Ruby Dixon
Published by Self Published on June 4, 2022
Genres: Adult Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction
Format: eBook (259 pages)
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I fear I've made a mistake.

I left a pampered life and a loveless relationship to live on an icy, primeval world, all for the promise of a soulmate and children. But three years have passed, and my hopes and dreams have become dashed. I haven't resonated. Without resonance, there will be no children for me, and no loving mate.

So I keep waiting, and waiting...

But then I come up with a brilliant plan to get me everything I want. And my plan needs a volunteer, one that would be happy to be my mate in all ways. Luckily, I know just who to approach...


Hooray for more Icehome! We’re getting close to the end though, which has me sad. But first, Daisy’s story! Obviously, Daisy’s Decision is about Daisy finally resonating, but it doesn’t go at all how she expected. We’ve known Daisy as pampered and spoiled and probably lazy. She doesn’t do any manual labor about the camp, although she is very good with the children. It’s no wonder though, since she’s desperate to start her own family.

I must admit that Daisy didn’t sound at all how I expected her to, but I kind of like that because it showed how we’ve really only gotten the surface level of who she is. Last time we saw her, she was falling into an open fire to save a child. A very traumatic event for anyone, but particular for Daisy who values her beauty above anything else. It was kind of an obvious choice to “ruin” her face as a way to kick Daisy into gear, but I ultimately really liked the direction of her story. Her appearance played a very small role, as O’jek simply wants Daisy for who she is as a person, but he also wants her to be able to take care of herself. He’s a worrier and Daisy is pretty helpless. She’s not going to be a mighty huntress over night, but she needed to learn basic survival skills. Not just for her own sake, or her future babies, but to finally contribute to the camp.

Daisy’s Decision does have plenty of sexytimes, of course. I am a total sucker for “practicing,” Normally, it would be be an experienced partner asking for lessons from someone more experienced. In this case, Daisy and O’jek are both virgins, both want a family, and want to get it right! Whatever excuse you need to get busy! I just really enjoyed my time with these two, but there was also solid setup for the next book!

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