Mini Review: Caught Between Two Blue Aliens by Celia Kyle and Michele Mills

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Mini Review: Caught Between Two Blue Aliens by Celia Kyle and Michele MillsCaught Between Two Blue Aliens by Celia Kyle, Michele Mills
Published by Self Published on November 19, 2020
Genres: Adult Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction
Format: eBook (258 pages)
Source: Kindle Unlimited
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It was just supposed to be a job—a well-paying job, but just a job. And it is… until it isn’t and suddenly Jenna’s facing two blue aliens who want her to leave Earth behind… forever. Da fuq was in that wine?

Jenna is working her butt off at three different jobs in order to provide for her younger siblings. And tonight’s high-profile catering gig (hazard pay bay-bee!) at Drokten Main is going to give her not only dollahz, but also the perfect opportunity to check out the shirtless blue alien heroes who saved Earth from near destruction. Whoo Hoo!

At the party, she overhears a crazy plot to destroy the Drokten and kick them off the planet. Holy crap! And the next thing she knows she’s standing in front of the Commander of the entire Drokten fleet, as well as the Drokten Ambassador, trying to warn them both of the eminent threat to their safety. And just like that they want her on their battleship and in their bed. Both of them. Together.

W…what? Uh…no? Yes? NO. No matter how hot they are, the answer is no. Right?

Being an alien booty call—no matter how hot the males are—isn’t on Jenna’s to do list. Plus, she can’t leave her siblings behind! But darn it, these guys should be in sales, because they’re so freaking persuasive. And every time they hold her in their possessive embrace, pressed between their hard bodies…well, her heart goes pitter-patter and her body lights on fire.

How is a girl supposed to say no? But, on the other hand, how can she say yes when the lives of her brother and sister are at stake?


If you enjoy alien romance and menage, you need to read Caught Between Two Blue Aliens! It all starts with over-worked waitress, Jenna. She’s just trying to make enough money to live on and raise her two younger siblings after losing their parents in an alien invasion. She’s working a fancy party where high ranking Drokten will be in attendance. Too bad she didn’t read the fine print of her contract, because now Sevith and Hiren have claimed her as their mate, which means sex with both of them and moving onto their ship! But she can’t leave her brother and sister! And she’s never been with two men at once! What’s a girl to do?

Yes, the plot of Caught Between Two Blue Aliens is utterly ridiculous and I was here for it. Jenna is asked to spy on her new lovers because apparently some bad humans want the Drokten off their planet despite them offering protection from future invasions. There is definitely more plot than sexy-times, which was a bit disappointing, but it was just so much fun! I adored how Sevith was the typical YOU ARE MY MATE AND WILL LEAVE WITH ME IMMEDIATELY type, while Hiren was the voice of reason, who kept Sevith’s alpha male tendencies in check as to not scare Jenna off. It was just a good time.

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