Mini Review: Barbarian’s Seduction (Ice Planet Barbarians, #17) by Ruby Dixon

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Mini Review: Barbarian’s Seduction (Ice Planet Barbarians, #17) by Ruby DixonBarbarian's Seduction (Ice Planet Barbarians, ) by Ruby Dixon
Published by Self Published on March 15, 2019
Genres: Adult Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction
Format: eBook (190 pages)
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Marlene's not like the other humans. They weep while she smiles. They look at us with fear, while she entices me with a come-hither look.

I...have no idea why such a bold female resonated to a male like me. I am the most reticent of all the sa-khui tribe, a hunter that never expected to have a family of my own. But resonance chooses, and it has chosen her for me. And Marlene is quite determined to seduce me…and who can say no to such a woman?

This story explores the long-awaited romance of Marlene and Zennek. Even though it is a ‘flashback’ to the beginning of the Ice Planet Barbarians series, it can be read out of order. Enjoy!


In similar fashion to Barbarian’s Beloved, Barbarian’s Seduction takes us back to the start of the series to witness Marlene and Zennek’s resonance.  Marlene is one of the women who resonated at first sight, and she seemed to be the only one to encourage it. She is bold and made Zennek so nervous! When they finally got alone, she completely blew his mind. Zennek was not ready! I thought their story was super cute, but I can see why it didn’t come until now. There wasn’t much to it. They both wanted a mate, and there was no obstacle to come between them.

Barbarian’s Seduction does give us a peek into what’s happening now. Just like Ariana, she’s missing her mate while he’s out hunting. But with Marlene she’s seeing bad omens everywhere and can’t help but worry, especially since their daughter is out there as well. Of course, there had to be a little bit of danger to add something to this story. But it also has the requisite happy ending. A cheesier one than usual.

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