July 2022 in Review

Posted August 4, 2022 by Angie in Monthly Recap / 2 Comments

Where did July even go?! I feel like I didn’t do anything, even though I did more than other months. Like get my first job since the pandemic. It’s annoying, but I guess I have to get back to adulting at some point. The job is fine. The company is terrible, but it pays well for what it is. I’m not miserable (yet) like I was the last time, but it’s only been a month so far.

I barely read at all, which you can see below. My free time was focused on gaming and sleeping. My brain doesn’t want to do books, so I only really read on my lunch breaks. Maybe on the bus and a little at home. But not really. At this rate, I will not hit my GR goal, so I’ll likely lower it later this year.

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What I read:



Yep. That is it for July. That’s see what happens in August…

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