It’s Monday and I’m reading…vampire god chaos!

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Title: Wicked All Night (Night Rebel, #3)

Author: Jeaniene Frost

Release Date: February 23, 2021

A gift from the gods… 

Veritas and Ian have finally defeated their worst enemy, but the power it took to pierce through to the netherworld has unexpected consequences. Soon, Veritas is forced to rely on the last person she trusts—a golden deity named Phanes, who seeks far more than a temporary alliance with the beautiful vampire.

Can unleash hell…

But an escape from the netherworld soon pits Veritas and Ian against supernatural beings seeking to rule over mortals once again. Now, they must rally friends and foes alike—if the vampire council doesn’t execute Veritas first. Plus, a wedge between Veritas and Ian threatens to destroy their love. Can they stand together against the unearthly powers about to be unleashed? Or does their love—and humanity—not stand a chance?

The series finale! How will it all end?! The ending of the previous book was a huge WTF moment! I’ll be starting this today, and probably finishing it.

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2 responses to “It’s Monday and I’m reading…vampire god chaos!

  1. OMG I know! I’m buddy reading with Anne, Lillian and Brandee and we had previously decided our schedule so we finished book two LAST week and we won’t start this until next Monday. I’m dying with that ending! And then Kai’s been talking about how she needed a drink reading this! Gah I cannot wait. I forget – this one isn’t a reread for you?

    • Yep, first time for me! I started later than I wanted today, so I’m only halfway through. But my gosh so much is happening!!! Veritas and Ian cannot catch a break!

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