I played all of the Nintendo Switch game demos so you don’t have to! – Part 4

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If you missed part one (or two or three) and aren’t sure what this is all about, I basically just decided to go through the Nintendo eShop and play every single game demo in alphabetical order. It’s a huge undertaking, but somebody’s gotta do it! Well, actually nobody has to do it. I just thought it would be fun to try a bunch of different games from all kinds of genres.

This group actually had two games that were on my wish list already, so I was excited to try those games out. Did they meet my expectations? Will I buy them or keep them on my wish list? Or will I banish them forever?! Let’s find out…

I marked my favorites with a 🦄 (unicorn).

30 More Nintendo Switch Game Demos

Should you buy these games?

  1. 🦄 Card Shark: This was one of very few games shown at the last Indie World that I didn’t add to my wish list. I corrected that immediately! This is not a card game. It’s like a puzzle game with rhythm elements plus some visual novel, and the graphics are gorgeous. The characters are interesting. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get too far into this demo, since it completely froze up on me while learning the second trick. It was so into it by that point though!
  2. Crash Drive 2: This is another game that needs to be played online to have anything going for it. I did play alone for a little while and there’s nothing to do. The controls are weird and you can’t control the camera at all. It does have some fun elements to it though. But not for me.
  3. Crashnauts: I don’t like fighting games, but I did win!
  4. CRAYON SHINCHAN The Storm Called FLAMING KASUKABE RUNNER: It’s an auto-runner where you collect candy. I like the way it looks, but it wasn’t fun for me. And the English translation is horrible.
  5. Croc’s World: It’s so cute! I love the graphics! It’s a pretty basic 2D Platformer where you play as a crocodile rather than an Italian plumber.
  6. Croc’s World 2: Same as above!
  7. Croc’s World 3: Same as above, except now you can also play as a kangaroo! It also seems to be harder.
  8. Croc’s World Run: Same as the others, except it’s an auto-runner!
  9. Crunch Time: I think this is a cool premise for a platformer, but I cannot look at these flashy, blurry, chaotic graphics for long.
  10. Crying Suns: On the other hand, I think this game looks super cool! I just don’t get it.
  11. Crypt of the Serpent King: I can’t stand first person games, so I wouldn’t have played this on my own anyway. But I also couldn’t get past the first enemy. Swinging my axe did nothing?
  12. DAEMON X MACHINA: It’s a cool looking game, but I can’t get my head around twin-stick shooters, with flying on top. Simply put, cool, but not for me.
  13. Dandy Dungeon – Legend of Brave Yamada: This is not at all what I was expecting. It’s an interesting concept for a puzzle game, but I just don’t like it.
  14. Dangerous Relationship: This demo is about 10 minutes of the start of a visual novel about a stylist and the five famous men she runs into on this fateful day! I feel like it was too short to give me a real feel for the story.
  15. Dark Witch Music Episode: Rudymical: I don’t get it. Is this a rhythm game? You have to hit the right button at the right time, but it’s not to any kind of beat…
  16. 🦄 Darkestville Castle: Love it! It was already on my wish list, and the demo was super fun. It’s a point-and-click adventure with my exact aesthetic: silly Halloweeny.
  17. 🦄 Darkness and Flame: Born of Fire: It’s a pretty interesting point-and-click adventure. I like the graphics a lot, since it’s not the typical cartoony style. There are actual puzzles inside the game to solve too, not just clicking on items and using them. It’s interesting. The controls are a bit clunky though. This demo is super long too, so you’ll definitely have time to figure out if this is for you, and to get invested. I actually didn’t even finish the demo, because it was taking so long, and I already knew I enjoyed the game.
  18. 🦄 Darkness and Flame: Missing Memories: Same as above, except with some control fixes! Hooray! I like these.
  19. 🦄 Darkness and Flame: The Dark Side: Same as above and above, even with the poorly animated cutscenes.
  20. DEADCRAFT: This is a visually unappealing action survival game, and I actually had fun with it. I don’t think it’s something I’d buy, but it was pretty good.
  21. 🦄 Death and Taxes: This demo is pretty short as it only covers the seven day evaluation period aka the tutorial. But I am intrigued. Who are these people? Why do I have to kill # of them each day? Am I suppose to be following this rules?! What about these news stories?! What is going on?!
  22. 🦄 DEEMO: If I’m getting a rhythm game, it’s this one. I was immediately in love with the art style, which I know has nothing to do with the actual game, but the music is great too. And the controls are easy to handle. I’m just slightly annoyed that it says the demo is five songs, but there were only four.
  23. Demetrios – The BIG Cynical Adventure: It’s a point-and-click, but I wasn’t interested in the story. It starts by asking you how much potty humor you’re okay with, sooo…
  24. Demolition Crew: What if Mario was a construction worker? That’s what this is, but boring.
  25. Demon’s Tier+: It’s a pixel art adventure, but I hate twin-stick controls, so not bad exactly, but bad for me.
  26. Depixtion: I didn’t like this one as much as similar games. Maybe because the finished pictures don’t actually look like what they say they are? I do like these “minesweeper”-esque puzzles, but this one just didn’t thrill me.
  27. Derpy Conga: What is this!? It’s so cute and wacky but I do not get it?! But I am intrigued. Cute little alien creatures holding hands to solve puzzles.
  28. Desktop Baseball: There were way too many “out” zones for this to be fun.
  29. Desktop Basketball: The controls were surprisingly intuitive, and I actually made a couple baskets! But this is not a game for me. It’s not bad though?
  30. Desktop Bowling: I’ve always loved bowling games, and this one was kind of fun. The physics are a little weird, and there’s no “power” function, just direction and spin. I like how it has a story progression.

And that was 30 more game demos for the Nintendo Switch! Which of these games sounds interesting to you? Which have you played?

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