I played all of the Nintendo Switch game demos so you don’t have to! – Part 2

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If you missed part one and aren’t sure what this is all about, I basically just decided to go through the Nintendo eShop and play every single game demo in alphabetical order. It’s a huge undertaking, but somebody’s gotta do it! Well, actually nobody has to do it. I just thought it would be fun to try a bunch of different games from all kinds of genres.

This group actually had several games that I was interested in based on the descriptions or screenshots, so I was especially eager to try those games out. Did they meet my expectations? Will I buy them or add them to my wish list? Or will I banish them forever?! Let’s find out…

I marked my favorites with a 🦄 (unicorn). But this group had a bunch of great games! I had to stop myself from unicorning everything…

30 More Nintendo Switch Game Demos

Should you buy these games?

  1. Ape Out: I’ve seen this game on a couple best of lists, so I was curious to try it. It’s very much not my thing, although I love the idea of controlling a gorilla that’s escaping a lab and killing all of the humans in sight. It just wasn’t fun to me.
  2. Aperion Cyberstorm: I’m not a fan of shooters, but I found this particularly uninspired. Just hold both sticks, keep moving, keep shooting, hope for the best. And why can the enemies go through solid walls, yet I can’t shoot them through the wall?
  3. 🦄 Arietta of Spirits: I love the look of this 2D pixel art adventure! It is very story driven with tons of dialogue. The story is sweet, but I wish it was a bit less wordy, to get on with the game play. But the demo stops right when the game gets going anyway. I’m intrigued enough to add it to my never-ending wish list.
  4. ARMS: That was actually pretty fun! It reminded me of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. Nothing I’d want to actually play though.
  5. 🦄 Art of Balance: This is a fun puzzle game where you stack different shaped blocks and hope they don’t fall over! If this was a free game, I’d totally play it.
  6. Assault of Metaltron: Build towers to defend against enemies and dance to upgrade them. I didn’t feel like I was actually doing anything?
  7. Astalon: Tears of the Earth: A pretty typical 2D platformer, but you have to switch between three different characters depending on what ability you need. It’s fine, not bad, but not that fun either. I like the graphics though.
  8. Automachef: I was looking forward to this one, but ended up feeling really stupid. I could not get the robotic arms to pick up the ingredients and move them on to the next step. They either did nothing at all, or they’d turn to grab the ingredient, but not pick it up. It was maddening! If I could have figured it out, I think this would have been really fun. I love the idea of essentially putting together a food making assembly line with energetic and monetary restrictions.
  9. 🦄 AVICII Invector: Despite spending HOURS playing Guitar Hero back in the day, I am no good at rhythm games, but this one was a lot of fun. I love the music and the visuals.
  10. Awesome Pea: Another one that I’ve seen on some lists and reminds me of old Gameboy games! It is surprisingly difficult! It requires some precise platforming, and it’s kind of hard to see hadzards because of the style.
  11. Awesome Pea 2: This one looks and sounds much better, but is still hard. If you like (and are good at) old school platformers, you should check it out.
  12. Ayakashi Koi Gikyoku-Forbidden Romance with Mysterious Spirit: This is a paranormal rock star romance visual novel! The translation isn’t the greatest, but the story seem to be a fun one. You pick the guy you want to pursue first, rather than making that decision in game.
  13. Baby Storm: I don’t want to clean up virtual baby poop. And the game is ugly and the controls are awful. I can be RIGHT ON TOP of an item and it will not pick it up, which is a problem for a timed game. And I still don’t wanna clean up baby poop.
  14. Bad North: Boring! Both visually and gameplay. You place your squads and hope for the best?
  15. Bake ‘n Switch: This was cute until I thought about what I was doing: capturing adorable dough-creatures and throwing them into a furnace…It’s not a bad game though, but nothing I’d play again.
  16. 🦄 Baobabs Mausoleum Ep.1: Ovnifagos Don’t Eat Flamingos: This demo was either way too short or just right, because I was into even though I didn’t get to do much. This old school 2D RPG set in 1990 was bizarre. The Halloweentown music was great, as was the general vibe.
  17. Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe: This was way more involved than I thought it would be! It’s a cooking RPG gem matching puzzle adventure. Lots of things going on, but it works. I don’t know if it’s something I’d want to play long term, but the demo was fun.
  18. 🦄 Bear With Me: The Lost Robots: I loved this moody point-and-click mystery starring a foul-mouthed detective teddy bear! Imagine Sin City, but starring a teddy bear. Immediately went on my wish list.
  19. Beat Me!: That was 100% awful. If I’m playing by myself why do I still have to use a single detached joy-con for these super awkward funky controls?! It’s stupid.
  20. Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain: This one was challenging! It made me realize that my brain isn’t as big as I thought it was! I’d like to get this one in the future to help keep my mind sharp!
  21. Birds and Blocks: I assumed this would be Angry Birds, but less angry. It’s not. It’s actually kind of fun! You remove the blocks to get the bird to land on the stone platform without touching the ground.
  22. Blasphemous: It’s a pretty cool looking retro-style 2D Metrovania, but it’s not my personal thing. I can see why others like it though.
  23. Blaster Master Zero: Another pretty typical 2D retro-style adventure game. I like the story, but not my thing.
  24. Bleep Bloop: This was fun a puzzler, but not the most interesting game to look at it. If it was a free game, I’d totally keep it and pop in every now and then to play.
  25. 🦄 Block-a-Pix Deluxe: I stayed up way past my bedtime playing this Sudoku-Minesweeper-esque puzzle game. It was so addicting!
  26. 🦄 Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King: I’d heard good things about this one too! And I see why! The story is fun and the pixel art is cute! I added this one to my wish list as well.
  27. 🦄 BLUE REFLECTION: Second Light: This demo was hella long and I am invested! When it first started, I assumed this was another visual novel but with not-so-great 3D graphics. Oh no no no. It is so much more, and I need to know why these girls are in this random school surrounded by water and shifting lands full of demons!?
  28. Bonfire Peaks: Another puzzle game with a unique art style and premise, neither of which I enjoy. I just don’t get it.
  29. Bonkies: I loaded this one up and it said you need two-players because the levels are designed for co-op. Okay, bye.
  30. Boomerang Fu: I really like the art style of this one, and it was actually pretty fun! The controls are pretty wonky though.

And that was 30 more game demos for the Nintendo Switch! Which of these games sounds interesting to you? Which have you played?

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