I Need a Time Machine so I Can Read These Books for the First Time Again

Posted August 24, 2021 by Angie in Top Ten Tuesday / 8 Comments

We’ve already talked about the books that I want to read over and over and over again, but what about the ones that I want to read for the FIRST time again? Those books that just shocked me in the best possible way, but that cannot be recaptured by a reread. Sure, I’m sure these will all be amazing upon subsequent reads, but the feelings of reading them for the very first time can never be matched.

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These books were intense! In the case of Under Mr. Nolan’s Bed, I actually have read the unrevised version multiple times, but not in long time. I’ve also read a couple revised versions, but nothing matches reading the original the first time.

I’ve read all three of these twice, and will likely read them all again someday, but none of these rereads have hit me as much as reading them for the first time.

These three were just so freaking good that I want to capture that feeling again!

Monday’s Not Coming is just going to make it onto nearly every list I make because…dang.

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