How To Easily Start a Blog (with Name Hero)

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So you’ve decided to start your book blog and you’ve picked your perfect host. If that host is Name Hero I’ll walk you through the sign up process and installing WordPress. If you went with someone else, the process is going to be similar. But you can search those instructions if you need the specific visuals.

When you get to the Name Hero homepage you’ll be greeted with the above image. You’ll have to navigate over to Web Hosting to get started.

You’ll be presented with their hosting plans. Which one you choose is going to be dependent on your own goals and how many sites you want to set up. Since I’m only running this one small blog, I chose the Starter Cloud plan.

Next you’ll want to choose how many years you want to commit to. The longer you choose, the cheaper per month you’ll pay. Again, your choice will depend on your own goals. I know I’m in this for the long-term so I went for the three year plan.

After you’ve selected your plan and term length, you’ll be brought to the Domain page. This is where you’ll want to choose the url for your blog. If you already own a domain, you’ll use one of the bottom two options. If you don’t yet own your domain, keep the top option selected and enter what you want your domain name to be and what ending you want. I stuck with the “.com” since it was available, but you don’t have to. Double check that you’ve spelled your desired domain correctly!

Next you’ll be presented with some add-ons. The SSL (making your url httpS) is included. You can also opt to add auto backups, a dedicated IP address, and malware scanning. Choose what you feel you need and what’s within your budget.

More optional add-ons. I did opt for the ID protection, but again, that’s up to you. After this you’ll be taken to the check-out page (not pictured, because it has my information on it) to review your order and pay. You’ll then need to login to cPanel from the Client Area page (again, not pictured because personal information).

Congrats! You now have Name Hero hosting! Now you need to install WordPress so you can start your blog. You can see the WordPress Manager under Software. Click on that.

Then simply click Install Now. You’ll then need to create a login and password for your WordPress dashboard.

Welcome to WordPress! You’ll want to head into the settings and set up your time zone, contact e-mail, link structure, etc. If you’re unsure of the options, the answers are a quick search away. Your settings will vary from my settings based on how you want things set up.

After you have your settings in place, you’re going to need a theme to make your blog look nice. There are free themes available under Appearance. You can also purchase themes or commission a custom theme. I use Tweak Me and love it since every little detail is customizable.

Plugins should come next, and again, the plugins you install will depend on what you plan to do with your blog. I’ll share all of the ones I use in an upcoming post.

The one thing you should do immediately before you start installing plugins and posting is set up your legal pages! The chance of getting sued or someone taking legal action against you is probably very small, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. There is a free privacy policy plugin that will generate a privacy policy page for you, but it’s incomplete. I’d recommend paying for legal templates from a lawyer.

There are plenty of blog lawyers out there who sell affordable legal templates. I use A Self Guru’s VIP Legal Bundle. You likely don’t need that much, but since I’m registered as an LLC and offer services, I needed additional contracts. There’s a cheaper legal bundle that includes the basics that every single website requires. Alternately, you can get similar templates from Blogging for New Bloggers. They also have a free course about the legalities of blogging which might be helpful to you.

Of course, you can also do your own search for a privacy policy, terms and conditions, and disclaimer policy. Just steer clear of the free ones, as they won’t protect you against everything. Invest in ones crafted by a real lawyer and rest easy.

I hope you find this guide helpful in getting started! Stay tuned for my list of the best plugins for book bloggers!

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