Have you been traveling lately? I have!

Posted March 7, 2023 by Angie in Discussion / 2 Comments

As you may already know if you follow this blog, I went to Disney World with my mom about a month ago. I go to either Disney World or Disneyland every year (or Disneyland Paris in 2021 for the first time!), because I’m obsessed and those are my happy places. I feel much more at home and like myself there than I do in my actual house. I normally go alone, but sometimes my mom tags along like she did for this trip. It was a jolly good time. Lots of fun, lots of food. Much heat, followed by no heat. Seriously, it was freezing on our last day after a week of deathly sun.

Now, when this post goes up, I will have been in Japan, for the first time, for a week! My total trip is three months, because it kept getting cancelled and delayed and I just wanted to go for the maximum time allowed after all this waiting. So far I’ve been to a zoo, the mall, the cutest teddy bear cafe, a huge aquarium, one of the world’s tallest Ferris wheels, and a castle! Hopefully, my Sunday Posts are going up like normal where I give you all a weekly recap of my travels.

Have you been anywhere fun recently?

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2 responses to “Have you been traveling lately? I have!

  1. I usually just go to Mexico. We used to go to visit family, but in recent years we started going to other places for fun. So far I have been to Cancun (my favorite) and Acapulco. I also went to Mexico City last year and I really enjoyed that. But besides that… The only other place I used to go on a regular basis is the Silverwood theme park in Idaho because it’s pretty close to where I live in Washington. Last summer I went to Omaha and I enjoyed that more than I thought I would! Omaha is such a cute town and I would love to go back!

    I’m glad to see/hear that you’re having a blast in Japan! That is one place I would love to visit one day!

    • I wish I had family in interesting places. Well, my mom’s side is in Germany, but the only thing I’m interested over there are some theme parks which aren’t where they live. 😛

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