Have I made progress on any of my goals and plans for 2021?

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Well, 2021 is now half over. Did I make progress on any of my goals? Have I completed any of the plans? Spoiler: no and no!

  1. Make money from my blog – Actually, I have made a couple of dollars from Amazon Associates, so that’s cool. And I made several sales from my Etsy shop and I had some proofreading work. Slow and steady, I guess.
  2. Lose weight – Nope. I kept gaining and losing the same five pounds. But to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t really invested in this goal at the start of the year. I know I need to lose the weight for health reasons, and I want to lose it for comfort reasons, but I just wasn’t in that headspace and it showed.
  3. Read 365 books – I actually am on track for this one! As of yesterday, I’ve read 274 books!
  4. Watch 21 new-to-me movies – I forgot that this was a goal, but I did it! As of June 14, I watched 42! At least I’m not a total failure for the year!
  5. Visit Hawaii – Not yet. This plan was for October, so we’ll see. But as of now, I have no concrete plans to go, since I’m going to Disneyland in December.
  6. Visit Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea – I’m still planning on it! As soon as Japan welcomes Americans, I am on a plane! Well, I have a plan to go at the end of December if travel is allowed by then.
  7. Low buy year – I’ve definitely spent money that I didn’t need to. I spent a ton on clothes, but I have nothing that fits, so one could argue it was needed. Even though they’re still hanging unworn in my closet, because I don’t go anywhere…
  8. Engage more – Nope. Not at all. I really do appreciate every comment that I get, but I suck at commenting and sharing and generally being a good blogger.
  9. Get snakebite piercings – Not yet! But the shop I go to is now accepting face piercing appointments! I just need to make the appointment and go. They’ll go great with my pink hair.
  10. Learn a language – Not even a little bit. I have done no type of language study at all. Japanese is still my target language though.

How are you doing on your goals for this year?

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2 responses to “Have I made progress on any of my goals and plans for 2021?

  1. Lol well I think there’s a few yeses or almosts in there! I feel you on this general feeling though – I have not made the progress I wanted to this year. We’ll get there! The year is not over!

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