Game Review: Forgotten Paradise (PC)

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Rating: 18+
Publisher: Void Star
Release Date: November 5, 2019
Single Player
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You play as Peter (or any other name you choose), a man chosen to partake in a space travel program with his family. However, things quickly become strange. His wife and daughters don’t remember him, aliens attack, and he finds himself in charge in a desperate situation. There are many twists and turns along the way, some more interesting than others. Of course, things can change based on the choices you make. And there are multiple branches and endings to follow.

There are some holes in the story, like why these people were sent into space in the first place, and how it’s not for the reason they thought. But we don’t know the reason, and the description says they’re actually part of a social experiment. What social experiment?! Best to not dwell on it and just enjoyed the wild ride.

The story does feature rape, wrongful imprisonment, cheating, impregnation, mild blood, violence, foot fetish, body transformations, mind control, amnesia, and probably other stuff that I didn’t see.


Forgotten Paradise has a pretty realistic 3D look. The skintones do look off to me on the humans, but the aliens look good. There are a variety of backgrounds and characters. Sure, the women mostly have the same general body shape, but with different bust sizes. The few men are more varied in size and shape. The aliens and the “barbarian women” are the best looking.

There is lots of nudity and sexual content as this is an 18+ visual novel. Sex scenes have basic animations which get the point across, but sometimes look awkward.

Sound Effects + Music:

There is no voice acting at all. Not even general grunts, groans, laughs. There is background music, but there’s only a couple of tracks which change based on the location. So you’ll hear the same music for quite long stretches of time. The music is fine, but I mostly tuned it out after hearing it for so long.

Gameplay + Controls:

Forgotten Paradise is a visual novel and choices do matter. There aren’t too many story choices, but given there are at least five endings (I got #5 on my playthrough), they definitely make a difference in how the story progresses.

The majority of the decisions are sex based. Mostly whether Peter will have sex with someone or not, and where he shoots his load. Sometimes you’ll get to choose a partner’s body part (including feet, lots of feet).

There are times when you’ll think you’re about to make a choice, but then there’s only one option. Peter will wonder what he’ll do, then the decision screen pops up, and you just click whatever is there. I don’t know if that’s an oversight or if maybe it’s not really meant to be a decision. Some of them were to remove scenes of Peter with his stepdaughters, because…I don’t know. I guess people were upset about it.


Forgotten Paradise is definitely replayable. There are several endings based on decisions you make, and other scenes will have minor changes based on other choices. I probably will go through this one again to see what other wacky situations pop up.


Forgotten Paradise was a fine way to spend a few hours if you’re into adult visual novels. It’s definitely more fun than porn, as the story was engaging, even with a lot of holes.

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