Game Review: Carpe Diem (PC)

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Publisher: Moonlit Works
Release Date: November 30, 2015
Single Player


Carpe Diem is about a young man named Jung having one great day with a girl named Ai. It’s very simple and sweet. And I did not see that ending coming!


The art is very crisp and clear. Ai is the only character shown, and I really liked her appearance. She has two cute outfits.

The backgrounds are also really nice with good depth. You’ll see a couple different places depending on the choice you make.

Sound Effects + Music:

The background music in Carpe Diem is pleasant enough. There’s just one track that loops. It’s low but upbeat and fit the tone of the story. The only additional sound effects are the fireworks in one scene.

Gameplay + Controls:

As this is strictly a visual novel there’s no gameplay at all. You make one decision. The controls are straight forward: click or press enter to advance the story.


Given that there’s only one decision to make with three options, you could play this three times to see where Jung and Ai end up. It ultimately doesn’t change much though. Carpe Diem only took me about 10 minutes to get through, and it was quick enough to see how the other two choices affect the story. I did end up with a favorite path, even though they all have the same ending.


Carpe Diem was a good introduction to visual novels for me. I found it from a list of free visual novels for beginners. It was the shortest one, so I gave it go. It was a good way to spend 30 minutes (all three paths) and I’m glad I gave it a shot.

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