Game Review: Bulb Boy (Nintendo Switch)

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ESRB Rating: Teen (Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Use of Alcohol, Violence)
Publisher: Bulbware
Release Date: July 6, 2017
Single Player
Nintendo || Steam


One dark and stormy night, Bulb Boy awakens from a nightmare to find his grandpa missing and the house full of monsters! What evil lurks in the shadows and how did it get here? Why is it terrorizing Bulb Boy?

What plays out is more Ren and Stimpy Halloween Special than Little Nightmares. Lots of poop and bodily fluids, less scary styff.


Bulb Boy has a very distinctive look. It’s 2D and appears to be hand drawn. The coloring is very limited. Imagine night-vision goggles and infrared. The majority of the game is played in shades of green, lit by Bulb Boy’s glowing head. Death scenes are tinged in red. Everything else is shades of black, white, and grey. It definitely adds to the weird, creepy vibe the game has going for it. There are brighter sections, but they’re still green. I actually really like the way it looked.

Bulb Boy himself is really cute, as is his flying dog. Grandpa cracked me up, once I realized what he was.

Sound Effects + Music:

The music in Bulb Boy is minimal. When it does play it’s very repetitive, but it’s a super short game, so I get not having a lot of variety. The sound effects are similarly limited, but fine. Lots of squishing noises and other sounds you’d expect from bodily functions. Bulb Boy’s cry is cute; he kind of sounds like a scared puppy.

Gameplay + Controls:

Bulb Boy is a point-and-click adventure. Simply move Bulb Boy around the room, and when something can be interacted with an arrow will appear. Select it, and he’ll either pick it up to add to his inventory, or something else unexpected might happen. Most puzzles were straight forward enough. There are plenty of hints that give you an idea of what to do, usually in the form of a thought bubble or signage. Some parts are a little confusing or just repetitive (having to do the same action multiple times to get the result), but nothing too bad.

This is a Horror game, so things do get very dark, very quickly. You will die, but you just respawn right where you left off. There weren’t any jump scares, just creepy looking monsters around every turn. Like I said before, it’s mostly gross out stuff rather than truly horrifying.


Bulb Boy took me less than two hours to finish, so it’s not a game that would be hard to replay to grab any missing achievements. I personally would not play it again, especially since Switch doesn’t even have achievements.


Bulb Boy is a fine game. It was quick and weird and not a bad way to pass the time. It wasn’t quite what I was hoping for though.

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