First Lines of the Last Books I Read

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This week’s topic is simple: the first lines of the last ten books I read!

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“He’s been gone too long, Isla,” Elyse says, bursting into my room with a cloud of anxiety following behind her.

The faint strains of a melancholic fiddle sound while I stare out my window.

The sensation of a cold, damp nose exploring her neck penetrated Jane’s slumber, and she bit back a groan.

Janet clutched the steering wheel so tightly that her hands ached as she tried to peer through the windshield.

It’s time you were married,” Erica’s father announced from behind his massive desk.

After I won Halliday’s contest, I remained offline for nine straight days–a new personal record.

Chloe Fong retrieved her board clip from beneath her arm on a fateful spring dawn, not realizing that calamity was about to befall her carefully ordered list.

“Is it Singh TIme, beti?”

One night. No one will know.

The path of spiritual practice, or sadhana, is mysterious and unpredictable.

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4 responses to “First Lines of the Last Books I Read

    • It was pretty bad. At least to me. The first book is one of my all-time favorites and it should have remained a standalone.

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