February 2023 in Review

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February started off in Disney World! Wooo! Much fun! And it ended with me on a flight to Japan! Finally! Clearly, February was a wild month. I essentially did no reading. My brain just didn’t want to do it. I did manage to finish 6 books, which was fine. But for the most part I was on Youtube, since I have a free month of premium, and I am always so tempted to subscribe because ads haven gotten sooooo bad. I also played several visual novels, because that’s really the only reading I could handle for long stretches. And I did a jigsaw puzzle. It was fun.

I only worked four days, since they just didn’t schedule me when I got back from Disney (I grabbed two “available” shifts…they were mine), and then I gave my two week notice and they suddenly wanted to schedule me…after my two weeks! Stupid. So I went in for the days that were actually within my still work time, and that was that.

The final day of the month was spent in transit. My first flight was at 6AM, so I was up super early. Then I landed in Osaka at around 7PM local time. I essentially lost an entire day! Oh well, it’s going to be worth it for all of the adventures I get to have this month! Don’t expect any books in my next monthly recap; it’s going to be all Japan stuff!

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And that is a wrap on February! March is going to be super exciting!

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