Books That I Need More Of

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Ever in the middle of book and just think to yourself that you absolute need more of that kind of book immediately? Well, these books and series have invoked that very feeling in me!

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Reverse Harem Boy Bands – I binged both of these K-Pop Reverse Harem series and was obsessed! These were my introduction to this subgenre and I desperately needed more! I’ve read a couple RH romances since then, but none with boybands. I need more boybands! Bonus points if some of the guys are involved with each other too.

Aliens – Duh. If you follow me on Goodreads, you will see that I have been reading a crapton of alien romances ever since I finished this series. I’ve read all of Ruby’s books so far and had to go exploring other authors’ catalogues for my alien fix.

Making friends as an adult – Why aren’t there more books about this? First friend dates! Friend finder apps! Platonic meet-cutes! Give it to me!

If I can’t have you no one can! – Stalkers. I am totally into stalkers. I don’t run across enough of them, but this one blew my mind!

Age gap – And I mean REAL age gaps. None of this older brother’s best friend nonsense. More like dad’s best friend!

Mortician – Yep, the MC decides to go to school to become a mortician much to her parents’ horror. More books about teens/young adults choosing unusual career/education paths!

Content not Thriving – Similarly, more books about people who aren’t living up to society’s expectations and simply do not care.

Big Burly Men – He has a round, hairy stomach. He is not a tanned, waxed, ripped statue man. More to love, and I want more to love!

Polyamory – Who says a relationship has to have only two people? I sure don’t! Give me more women with two husbands, please!

Villain Backstories – But I don’t want them to be redeemed! I still want them to be totally evil, but I want to see how they got that way! Make me feel for them and totally confuse myself on whether I want good to triumph over them or not!

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6 responses to “Books That I Need More Of

  1. So I’ve read some reverse harem and I don’t think it’s my genre, I’m always like ok but I don’t need more. Aliens on the other hand!! I need to read some more Ruby Dixon. And I’m intrigued by some of these other subgenres – polyamory and age gap especially! I do like origin stories, Jovee Winters did a whole series in them that I keep meaning to read.

    • Ruby Dixon has completely taken over my life! I can’t go too long without reading an alien romance thanks to her. šŸ˜›

  2. Putting Makeup On Dead People was such an unusual read (in a good way); so fun to see it on your list! I actually can’t even think of any similarly unusual ones. The closest is probably Psych Major Syndrome by Alicia Thompson, which isn’t terribly unusual in the wider world but seemed a little off the beaten path for YA, where even books set in college trend toward art/English majors, if they’re declared at all.

    I think I’d enjoy Convenience Store Woman – “content not thriving” is a great description of my life, and as much as I like trying on dream careers through novels (that I absolutely do not have the ambition to make happen IRL, unless someone literally hands me the job), fiction that validates reality is nice too.

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