Books I Would Love to Set on Fire and Throw Into the Ocean

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Obviously, whether a book is “good” or not is subjective. We all have our own tastes and preferences, so these books are just MY personal opinion. But I do have very strong feelings about the following books and would love nothing more than to gather up every copy, set them on fire, and toss them into the ocean so that no one has to be bothered with them.

I’m no stranger to 1-starring a book, but a lot of the time, it’s just because the book is poorly edited (or not all), poorly written, and has glaring plot holes or other problems. But these…well, I found these books problematic and/or offensive. Some of them gave me a physical reaction…your mileage may vary.

I will not be including purchase links in this post, for obvious reasons. However, clicking the cover will take you to my review so you can read more.

These three are the top contenders for the worst books I have ever read and they all have the same issue. Rape is used as a plot device and is presented as romantic. That’s it. In what world is that acceptable? It actually hurts my brain that A Hunger Like No Other is on so many “best of” lists by professionals in the industry.

These three are just offensive and gross. In one, the MC pretends to be gay for attention because gay teens get a lot of attention. Okay. In one, a white author writes about magical Native Americans with alcohol problems who wear feathers and commune with eagles. And in one, environmentalism and feminism comes down to wearing braids and not listening to music by men.

As for these, just WTF?! Blackmailing the person you framed for murder and getting your happy ending. An emotionally abusive “romance.” Roofies used as a plot device and falling in love with the person you suspected drugged you. And nobody makes any sense and handles a delicate subject very poorly for drama.

Have you read any of these? Were you as horrified by them as me?

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4 responses to “Books I Would Love to Set on Fire and Throw Into the Ocean

    • It’s clear to me that they were not in their right minds when writing these stories. And it’s sad that no one else along the publishing process pointed out these issues.

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