2022 Goals and Plans and Wishes

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Last year, I had plans. Several plans. Plans that mostly went incomplete. Some of that was my fault. Some was world circumstances. But that doesn’t stop me from continuing to dream!

My Goals and Plans and Wishes for 2022

  1. Learn a language. Yes, this a carryover from last year. I resumed my Japanese study late in the year and I plan on continuing it this year. Last year, I wasted some time learning super basic French for my trip, but it didn’t do me much good. This year’s total focus is on Japanese. Although I am still also interested in ASL.
  2. Go to Japan. Another carryover from 2021 and 2020 and 2019…I will get there! This one falls into the “wish” category, obviously, since the status of the country’s borders is completely out of my control. But if they open, I am there!
  3. Finish some courses. I became obsessed with courses in late 2020 and started a ton in 2021, which I never finished, since I was hopping from one to the other. I want to finish the ones I started and perhaps start on a couple of others that I purchased.
  4. 100 Etsy sales. I started my Etsy shop last year and made 55 sales! This year I hope to make 100!
  5. 100% complete Super Mario Galaxy. I rescued Peach on Thanksgiving, but there are still 59 Power Stars to earn! I want to know where the fully powered ship will take me!
  6. 100% complete Super Mario Odyssey. Similarly to above, Peach is safe and sound, but I have like 400 Power Moons to go! This game is so good!
  7. Beat Hollow Knight. I’m not aiming for 100% (or 112% as it turns out), because I’m barely past the first boss! This game is hard, but I love the premise and the animation and the music and I can’t stop even though it’s frustrating.
  8. Beat Luigi’s Mansion. This is my newest game, so for now I just want to focus on rescuing everybody! I already have one of the Toads, so I’m off to a good start. Fiona likes this game too. She sits on the couch with me and just stares and tilts her little head.
  9. Watch 22 new-to-me movies and series. Pretty straight forward. I have Hulu for the year, since I took advantage of that $0.99/month deal, which greatly expands my options. Plus most of the Disney+ catalogue is on my watch list. And of course there’s the never-ending vastness that is Netflix…We also have Amazon Prime, but I feel like there’s nothing interesting there? My mom loves it.
  10. Get two more Salesforce certifications. I got my Admin certification back in June, then kind of fell of the wagon of studying for App Builder. I did get back into in December though. Then I want to follow up with Advanced Admin. I also need to put more effort into the job hunt.

How do you wish this year will go?

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2 responses to “2022 Goals and Plans and Wishes

  1. Good luck on all your goals! One of my goals is also to keep on learning Japanese, but I just keep putting it down all the time 🙈 I think I have over 300 lessons in WaniKani that I need to do… it’s nuts! But I keep reminding myself that this is just for fun so I don’t stress about it. Lol.

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