2021 Reading Statistics

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I used to post these statistics every year on my previous blog, but I didn’t last year despite getting back into blogging and reading quite a lot. So I’m back at it! Every year, I load up my spreadsheet with all of the books that I read, along with everything that I want to track, and here are the results! It’s always fun for me to look back on these and see how my reading changed or what interesting patterns emerge.

I read a total of 428 books and here is how they break down across several factors…get some water and a snack, it’s a long one!

What Formats Did I Read?

So, I haven’t been requesting ARCs and I haven’t been accepting review requests, so this graph is pretty obvious. I did read a handful of eARCs that I got back in like 2013 though…

I read across a bunch of different formats, but I clearly prefer to read on my Kindle! This is always the case, and has been increasing as my library expands their eBook selection.

I had Kindle Unlimited for about half the year, so it would make sense that about half of my books were from there. The other major chunk is the library! I love the library! I really don’t buy books or get them from anywhere else.

Who Did I Read?

This one actually surprised me! Nearly three-quarters of the authors I read were new-to-me. This doesn’t mean that many of the books I read were by new authors, just that I discovered a lot of new authors.

I wasn’t surprised by this one at all, since I don’t really gravitate towards books by men. I am a little bit surprised that it’s not a wider gap though.

The publishers that I read! I clearly prefer self-published and indie, or I just read a crap top of books from KU. Either way, it’s no contest.

What kind of books did I read?

My preferred audience has been steadily shifting over the years. It used to be roughly 50-50 YA to Adult, but clearly now I’m heavily leaning toward “grown-up” books. That is definitely because Romance is taking over my life. Of course, YA Romance exists, but I’m gravitating toward more adult ones these days.

No surprise that all of the Romance subgenres are on top! Science Fiction mostly contains Ruby Dixon’s series, since they’re Sci-Fi Romance. I love to see Nonfiction and GLBT up there too!

This one is definitely on trend. I’m a series lover at heart. Sure, there’s something great about reading one book and being done with that story, but…I want more! I’m greedy! Whether it’s more of the same characters or more of the same world. I just want more once I find something that I like!

My series breakdown for the year! Yes, I started a ton of series, but there’s always something new to start! But I did also read quite a few longer series, with some being over 16 books! That is dedication!

I’m really happy with this one! Diversity is a new metric that I’m tracking. It can definitely be better, which is why one of my goals for this year is to read at least 50% diverse books. But 48-52 is close! I counted a book as “diverse” if it contained characters who are POC, LGBTQIA+, neurodiverse, a religious minority, or disabled. I didn’t track the specifics (which would be really interesting to see), but I know the majority of these books were queer or starring POC. I need to do better about reading about all kinds of people.

This looks pretty much how I’d expect it to look. I didn’t read any ARCs, so no 2022 releases! And the oldest book I read was published in 1990.

Did I Like What I Read?

I only had a single 1-star read last year, which must be some kind of record! My 4.5- and 5-stars are always rare, but I still had a good amount. Almost everything was 3-4 stars, so I’d say it was a good reading year! My overall average was 3.39. My best reading month was October with a 3.87 average rating; it was also the month I read the least since I was on vacation.

There wasn’t much of a difference in average rating between publishers. I only read one book from Kensington, but clearly it was a winner! HarperCollins is consistently near the top and Macmillan near the bottom though.

I did not expect this to look this way! I mean, I did read more Nonfiction this year, than any year previously, and my #1 book of the year was Nonfiction, so it shouldn’t be surprising. I guess I’m just surprised to see Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance in the middle.

How Much Did My Reading Cost?

This is always my favorite part of my reading stats. How much does my reading habit cost versus how much I actually spent…

The total value of all 428 books that I read last year was $2,813.16.

I actually spent a total of $53.89.

For a total savings of….$2,759.27! That is 98.08%!

I told you that I really don’t buy books. I’d never be able to afford to buy every book that I read!

Do you keep detailed stats about your reading year? I’d love to see your results!

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  1. Oooh yay! I love stats! Omg I’m also greedy when it comes to wanting more books in a series 😂 This was really cool to look at. You have some very interesting stats I never thought of keeping track of, so that was fun to see!

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